Date: January 5, 2014

Author: Mette Rodtnes


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Beach day in Noli

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The beautiful beaches of the Italian Riviera are only an hour’s drive away from Villa Roccaverano. We usually head for Noli, which is a lovely little fishing village on the coast. The beaches are great, the water is clean and the atmosphere is laid back and absolutely charming.

At lunchtime we leave our stuff on the beach and head for the narrow streets of the old town centre, which is located right by the water, and where you will find several very nice restaurants to choose from. Ristorante Nazionale is the place to go for superb seafood dishes; you find it on the coastal road, right in the centre of town. We often choose Trattoria Dal Pucci, which is located in one of the narrow streets. We sit outside where the atmosphere is every bit as enjoyable as the exquisite pasta dishes served here.


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