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Date: November 5, 2013

Author: Mette Rodtnes

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‘Eataly’ – a must-see in Torino

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If you’re vacationing in Piedmont and in anyway a food-lover, you should take a daytrip to Torino to visit Eataly. Eataly is dedicated to the finest foods and gastronomic traditions of Italy and is a food- and restaurant mall of the very best kind. Here you will find housewives doing their daily food shopping, a couple sharing a seafood dish or a group of business people having a lunch meeting. But they all have one thing in common: they know where to find the best food and fresh produce in Torino!

Eataly consist of 10 different zones, which offer different food specialities. You will find fish and shellfish from the oceans around Italy in the seafood department, the finest Piemontese beef in the meat section, and you will get lost among olive oils from all parts of Italy, jars filled with colorful vegetables, vinegars, honeys, organic flours and grains, and a huge variety of pastas in the grocery and bakery section.

In each zone you will find a casual eating area, which serves up dishes made from the food available in each specific shopping section. In this way, you can have your starter in the seafood section, continue to the bakery section for a pasta or pizza, have your main course in the meat section and finish off at the coffee bar with an espresso and one of their exquisite pastries.

Before you lug your groceries home be sure to go downstairs to visit the beverage section, which houses hundreds of bottles of Italy’s best wines as well as an impressive collection of Italian microbrews. Buon appetito!

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