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Date: May 29, 2015

Author: Mette Rodtnes


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Il Cascinone

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All over Piedmont you find great wineries. Many wineries also have a restaurant, and one of our favorites is Il Cascinone, which belongs to the Araldica winery in Acqui Terme.

The restaurant is located on a hilltop a couple of kilometers from the winery. To get there, you drive up, up, up and along windy roads passing through never-ending wine fields.

The view from the restaurant is breathtaking, and the food is great. As all over Piedmont, the menu consists of traditional Piedmontese dishes, and they always offer changing specials, featuring fresh vegetables of the season. When we were there last spring we had the most amazing starter with green asparagus we ever had – served straight from the garden.

Obviously most of their wines are from their own winery, and obviously that’s what you should drink. They have wonderful fresh wines for starters, for example their Brachetto Spumante, and their Barbera and Nebbiolo wines are among our absolute favourites. Go ahead and ask the waiters about the wines – a few of them speak English and they are always more than happy to talk about wine!

They have a huge wine cellar under the restaurant, and you can buy wine to bring home. Otherwise, we suggest that you visit their winery ‘Araldica’ during the day. It is located in the valley along the road between Acqui Terme and Nizza. Maurizio will be happy to help you choose some great wines.


View of Il Cascinone from the surrounding wine fields

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