Date: June 23, 2014

Author: Mette Rodtnes


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New ‘Unesco World Heritage Site’ in Piedmont

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Italy was once again recognized for it’s beauty and history, when landscapes in the Piedmont region were appointed the extremely prestigious title as “UNESCO World Heritage Site” just recently. Italy has the highest number of World Heritage titles in the world, and with this latest recognition, the country reaches an impressive 50 sites.

The OUV, which stands for ‘Outstanding Universal Value’, was stated at the entry in the list as being: “the entrenched culture of wine and the extraordinary landscape shaped by human labor, related to the grape growing and wine production.”

As we have described in earlier posts, the wines produced in the hills of Piedmont are in fact some of the best wines in the world, and the views of the rolling hills, covered with vineyards, are truly breathtaking. However, great wine and beautiful landscapes are not enough to win this prestigious title. The historical significance, the economical importance and the cultural heritage of the area has had significant importance in the process of reaching UNESCO status. The people of the region have worked in the vineyards for more than 2000 years, since pre-Roman times, and the wine production continues to remain a focal point for the economical and social life of the region.

Congratulations Piedmont!

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