The location of the villa is spectacular, and the variety of terraces provide optimal conditions to enjoy this unique hilltop location.

The house is located on a hill plateau, and the garden and terraces offer stunning views of the Bormida valley and the hills surrounding Roccaverano.

To the east and south the view stretches almost infinitely along the valley, and on a very clear day you can see the sea from the top of the hill. To the west the Roccaverano village is perched on a hilltop, and you can see two of the five towers that are characteristic for the municipality.

The villa’s 4 terraces let guests choose between the different views and possibilities of the property. On the large south terrace you can gather family and friends for dinner with easy access to the kitchen and living room as well as an overview of the pool area. On the secluded lower terrace you can read a book or enjoy the view in a peaceful atmosphere, on the east terrace you can serve lunch in the cool shade and on the poolside terrace you can sunbathe after a swim and take in the stunning 270 degree view.

The garden offers a large pool and a lush lawn with open views on all sides and spots of shade under the oak tree.

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