The design of the house offers the best of traditional Piedmontese building techniques and a touch of a Scandinavian sense of form, function, daylight and simple aesthetics.

The ground floor has a minimum of walls. It is divided into zones, consisting of kitchen at one end, dining area with seating for 10-12 people at the centre and living room at the other end. The living room and dining area is separated by a fireplace, which is visible on 3 sides. From the ground floor you have easy access to the garden and terraces.

The house is built with traditional Piemontese building techniques and materials from the region. With its’ stone walls, terracotta roof and floors, wooden ceilings and thick wooden beams, it is undoubtedly Piemontese. However, the design also represents a modern aesthetic, with open plans and large glass sections, which open up to the outside. On the ground floor the kitchen and dining room areas almost extend into the garden – the large windows and glass doors completely integrate the exterior and the interior.

On the first floor you will find 3 double bedrooms, a large bathroom and a master bedroom with a private bathroom.

The lower floor consists of a large family room with room for 4, with access to a terrace facing east. There is also a technical room with a washing machine and access to the outside.

To avoid excess heat in the house, the villa is constructed with large eaves, which provide shade for the upstairs bedrooms. Further, the large glass sections on the ground floor have been retracted one meter from the facade to provide shade.

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