The area

The local municipality of Roccaverano as well as the region more broadly offers a variety of Piedmontese experiences.

The nearby village of Roccaverano is located on the high hill separating the two branches of the Bormida valley, and it is the highest village in the province of Asti. The feeling of being close to the sky is characteristic for the village as well as the nearby surroundings, where you travel along the narrow rim of the high hill with spectacular views to the valleys on both sides. In the centre of the village, as well as in the surrounding landscape, you will see several towers, which were once crucial in the defence of the village. Today they are landmarks in the municipality and provide impressive vantage points for inhabitants as well as visitors.

Roccaverano is a traditional and pitoresque Piemontese village, where you will find a small village square with a church, the village school, a café and restaurant, a grocery store and a pharmacy. In the café you can borrow the key to the towers.

In the hills surrounding the village you will find vine orchards and farms where a multitude of agricultural products are produced. Roccaverano is especially famous for its’ goat cheese, the Robiola di Roccaverano, which is mentioned in chronicles dating back to year 1000. Just down the road from Villa Roccaverano you will find a small farm, where they produce a Robiola cheese, which has won awards as the best goat cheese in the world – and it is really exceptionally good! You can stop by to buy the cheese directly from the farmer.

Read about the Robiola in the New York Times.

Driving distances for a few selected destinations:

10 minutes: The nearby village of Bistagno offers a larger supermarket as well as a selection of more specialized grocery shops, like butcher, bakery and pasta shops.

20 minutes: In Acqui Terme you will find a variety of restaurants and cafés and a nice town center with shopping possibilities and hot spings on the town square.

1 hour: The sea and beaches

1,5 hours: Larger cities like Milano and Torino

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