The restoration proces was an exercise in honoring the traditions of the region and implementing some of the best qualities of the modern Scandinavian design heritage represented by the owners.

When venturing into the restoration process, we were lucky to have the competencies to redesign the villa and supervise the restoration ourselves, as Mette is an architect. In designing the new house we let the outer shape and size of the villa correspond with the original house, and we have strived to respect and honour the traditional building techniques and architectural heritage of Piedmont. We find that the house has become a perfect composition of Piedmontese bulding techniques and some of the best architectural qualities from our own Scandinavian heritage.

The work on the house began in the summer of 2012 and lasted for a year.

When we took over the house, it was in such bad shape that it was necessary to take down the stone walls very carefully, put all the stones in a big pile and start from scratch.

We have used natural materials throughout the house; materials that have been used in Piedmontese rural architecture through hundreds of years. In this way you will find wooden ceilings and burnt terracotta floors in the entire house. The outer walls are built up in a local Piedmontese stone called ‘Langhe stone’, which are in fact the original stones from the old ruin.  Together with his workers, a local craftsman called Alfonso carefully disassembelled the ruin, sorted all the stones, and placed them in neat piles on the site. And then he started the intricate proces of assembling them all into our new house. Rumour has it, that there is no one left in the region who can lay stones quite as beautifully as him.

Being an architect with a Scandinavian background, Mette has a particular focus on integrating daylight into her architecture. By placing windows and large glass sections in carefully chosen locations, you will experience that daylight enters the house in different ways and angles throughout the day, allowing you to experience the house in a variety of ways.

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