Views from the Villa

Villa Roccaverano is spectacular in many ways, but the most breath-taking feature is the views.

The house is situated on a hill plateau at an altitude of almost 700 meters, and from all the rooms of the house as well as from the garden and terraces you are met with stunning views of the Bormida valley and the hills surrounding Roccaverano. To the east and south the view stretches almost infinitely along the valley, and you can see small villages, fields and windy roads on hilltops far, far away. You can see snowcapped Alps from the top of the hill north of the house, and locals tell us that on a very clear day you can even see the sea. To the west, you can enjoy the view of the nearby hills surrounding Roccaverano village, which is perched on the highest hilltop in the Province of Asti at an altitude of almost 800 meters. You can also see two of the five towers that are characteristic for the municipality. Bring your binoculars – there are plenty of views to explore!

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