Date: June 2, 2013

Author: Mette Rodtnes


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Giselda’s restaurant in Roccaverano

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Roccaverano is a very small village but it offers all the essentials for living the good life in Piemonte: an alimentare (grocery shop) with local cheeses, wine, sausages and vegetables and of course a bar and a restaurant on the village square. The bar and restaurant is run by a local family and all the staff are locals or relatives – even the young teenage son will be helping out at the tables on a busy night. You will meet the maternal head of the family behind the bar downstairs in the afternoon serving espressos, ice cream and Limoncello, and in the evening she will be busy in the kitchen upstairs cooking up your dinner.

The restaurant is called ‘Giseldas’ and here you will experience a variety of local dishes made from local produce. There is no written menu but the waiter will introduce you to the menu of the day. It will typically consist of a number of starters (Ant pasti) one or two first courses (Primi), a main course (Secondi) and a dessert. We recommend that you go with the flow and have it all!! The food is good without being fancy and the prices are very reasonable.

Before going upstairs for dinner you can ask the bartender to borrow the key to the tower, which is located right next to the square. You will need to climb a few ladders and steep stairs, but the climb is manageable and you will be rewarded with the most amazing view of what seems to be Piemonte in its’ entirety 🙂 (Please remember to return the key in the bar)

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