Date: December 27, 2013

Author: Mette Rodtnes

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Spa hopping in Acqui Therme

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Drive 20 minutes by car from Villa Roccaverano, and you arrive in Acqui Terme, which is the largest town in the vicinity. It offers an irresistible blend of spas, culinary experiences and Italian small-town charm, with its cobblestone streets, small piazzas and bustling everyday life.

Acqui Terme is known for its’ hot springs, which can be found in the centre of the city on the town square. The Romans, who crossed over the Maritime Alps, discovered the hot water over 2150 ago and decided that this could be a useful discovery. They settled there and proceeded to turn Acqui Therme into a centre for trade.

From the 17th century until shortly before the Second World War, residents from near and far would travel to Acqui Terme to visit the thermal spas. In Mussolini’s time, the thermal facilities were declared the Property of the People and fell into complete financial ruin and decay. Since the 80’ties however, the town as well as the spa facilities have been beautifully and authentically restored and the town has been brought back to its’ former status as a destination for spa treatments.

The 75° centigrade hot water comes to the surface through a fountain on the Piazza Bollente, right in the centre of the city. People gather here every day to wash their hands and face and drink the very hot, sulphuric (and quite smelly…) water directly from the fountain. They say the water helps cleanse the liver, which may be quite a benefit in a country with so much tempting wine…

A whole section of Acqui Therme is dedicated to thermal services, and two major spa facilities offer every imaginable kind of spa treatment. Find out more here.

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