Date: April 24, 2017



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Visit Turin – and the oldest ice cream manufacturer in the world

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Turn calls itself the ‘World Capital of Chocolate’, which dates back to the 17th, century, where the Savoy family brought home cocoa beans from the Americas and started to export chocolate to the entire world. To this day, the city has proud traditions around chocolate. Nutella was invented in Turin, and so was the predecessor to the Magnum ice cream: the ‘Pinguino’. The Pinguino ice cream was (and still is) made by the oldest ice cream manufacturer in the world, “Gelateria Pepino”. It was first launched in 1939 – fifty years before anyone ever heard of an Magnum ice cream, and until the eighties – when the patent lapsed – it was the only product of this type in the world. In Turin, the Pinguino is still made after the traditional manner, and we recommend that you drop by the gelateria to experience this special piece of chocolate history.

Edoardo Cavagnino, the grandson of the inventor, still runs the family business, which can be found on Piazza Carignano.



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