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Date: March 2, 2014

Author: Mette Rodtnes


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Wines of Piedmont

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Piedmont is the region of Italy, which produces the largest number of well-known and prize-winning wines. Some of the most well known are Barolo and Barbaresco. Most of the Piedmontese wines are produced on family estates, consisting of relatively small pieces of land.

The most widely grown grape in the area is the Nebbiolo. The Nebbiolo grape is used for producing the famous Barolo wine as well as Barbaresco and Gattinara among others. The Nebbiolo grape has its’ name from the Italian word ‚nebbia’ which means fog. This is due to the whitish coating characterising the berries, as well as the fact that Piedmont is known for morning fogs in September (as often seen from Villa Roccaverano), which is exactly when the Nebbiolo grapes are harvested.

Another well-known and popular grape is the Barbera grape. Barbera wines are often more fruity and delicate than wines made from Nebbiolo grapes, as they contain less tannin.

In the area around Villa Roccaverano, you will find a multitude of vineyards, wine producers and Enotecas (wine shops). You can drive to Barolo, if you don’t mind a shot of real tourism feel, or you can visit the close by wine cellars of Canelli, which cover around 20 kilometres of intricate underground corridors and cellars with beautifully arched ceilings. Wine producers such as Gancia and Coppo offer guided tours of their cellars.

But these are just a couple of suggestions – when you start looking, you will find wine everywhere!

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